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Acca Kappa Toothbrush


Acca Kappa, Treviso, since 1869

It’s the middle of the nineteenth century when a young Hermann Krüll moves to Venice to study. The German community here is very active in trade, and Hermann is no exception: soon he’s importing bristles from the Far East and selling them to local brush craftsmen. Krüll has a nose for business, so he doesn’t hesitate to buy out a brush shop in Treviso when he has the chance. He launches his first catalogue in 1898, filled with brushes for animals, for silver, for floors, for bicycles... his creations spread across Europe, enchanting the upper class of the time. He opens modern facilities in Treviso in 1908 and begins producing luxury lady brushes and toothbrushes. He combines the purest bristles with precious wood like ebony: each piece is handmade and polished to its deepest possible shine. The result are precious gems of toiletries, that’ll play into the new and sophisticated beauty rituals of the twentieth hundreds. But it’s a long century, and there’re many adventures to be had: two world wars, getting the factory seized twice, always making its way back into the family (the first time they have to sell a valuable stamp collection to reclaim it). Today the company is helmed by Elisa Gera, Krüll’s great-granddaughter, who has added a feminine touch with her vision. Which is why nowadays, alongside the traditional products, she’s launched a line of fragrances inspired by Italian gardens that’ll steer the family enterprise on a new scented path. An illuminated gaze balancing beauty, history and innovation. Simply perfect, just as it was a hundred years ago.