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Almond-scented glue for paper, fabric, photography, Balma Capoduri & c. Voghera (Pavia), since 1927

Glue sold in glass jars is very popular in France in the early nineteenth century. So the Italian businessman Aldo Balma goes one step further to vanquish his competitors: he invents an unbreakable aluminum packaging complete with a brush holder in the middle, and adds a delicious scent of almond that immediately imprints itself onto the collective mind.
Potato starch dextrin and water are cooked in a double-boiler to produce it. Glycerin and almond essence are added once the mixture is softened. Then when the paste is ready, it is decanted for a month in the jars, after which it is ready for use.
The scent of marzipan makes it irresistible to children, but no worries! Since it’s non-toxic it can be ingested safely.

Suggested reading (ideas to cut and paste):
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Henri Matisse. Drawing with Scissors, Taschen, 2014
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