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Linetti Pomade


Lavender hair-styling product, Linetti, Venice, around 1950

It’s 1900 and French perfumer Eduard Pinoud launches his brillantine at the Universal Expo in Paris: pomade that addresses the new needs of dandies and flaneurs.
Its purpose is to protect hair, make it smell nice and keep it in shape despite a frenetic urban life; gentlemen appear always impeccable and perfect, their hair eternally frozen in the present. Thanks to this feature, pomade spreads out into Hollywood (Rudolph Valentino, Humphrey Bogart, Fred Astaire, Cary Grant are famous adopters) and creates a sophisticated lifestyle.
The Venetian Linetti introduces this product to Italy, immortalizing it in an advertising program that aired on Carosello called The Unfailing Inspector Rock.
Today Linetti Pomade is undergoing a rediscovery by modern day dapper young men and it’s being produced using the original formula by the Kèlemata Company of Turin.