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coloured plastic pegs to insert in a perforated board to create new shapes and drawings, Quercetti, Turin, since 1953

Alessandro Quercetti is an outstanding figure: fighter pilot and toy inventor, he starts designing aircraft models, showing a boundless fantasy. After World War II he can finally let his creativity explode, as he finds a job at INCO Giochi in Turin. Here he invents new toys and designs the monumental machinery needed to produce them.
Unfortunately, in 1949 the company is forced out of business and Alessandro is afraid of losing his job. So he suggests an agreement: instead of the salary, he asks the company to use their equipment to continue the production of the toys he has in his mind. Thanks to the sales revenues, he can soon take over the factory. Alessandro works tirelessly, though keeping a curious gaze on the latest trends. Attracted by Coloredo – a French mosaic made by inserting wooden pins in a perforated tablet – he obtains the rights to ditribute it in Italy and updates it by using a new material: plastic.
The plastic pegs are resistant and easy to manipulate, while the board can be used to create an infinite number of compositions without deforming or breaking. Italian children love them at first sight. And even parents like Chiodini, since they are a reflection of the new democratic revolution that plastic is doing in every sphere of everyday life.
Since then, Alessandro has been using it to mark new achievements, such as the Tor Missile, a rocket that is capable of reaching 100 meters in height or the magnetic board, a tribute to children's self-learning ability.
The catalogue grows fast and includes science games, buildings, gears, as well as marble runs, roller coasters and, of course, planes and rockets. Today the company exports its goods all over the world while mantaining the production chain in Turin, where the second generation of the Quercetti family oversees the whole process, by taking inspiration from the most different areas: nature, art, physics become the tools to build games that possess the capability to amaze. Because, as the company says, “a child full of suprise learns quickly”.